Feeling good in FOTU

Feeling good in FOTU

Dive into dopamine dressing with Bryher Watkins, our contributing trend reporter, and discover FOTU's sustainable take on this uplifting trend. Embrace vibrant colours and expressive styles while minimising your environmental impact.

In the midst of profound environmental changes, it's no wonder that feelings of helplessness can take hold. Yet, there's a powerful trend emerging that provides a remedy for cultivating a more positive outlook: dopamine dressing. This fashion movement empowers individuals to uplift their spirits through vibrant colours and expressive clothing choices.

Dopamine dressing revolves around the concept of colour psychology, where certain colours can evoke specific emotions. Bright and vibrant colours, known as dopamine brights, are particularly popular for their ability to convey joy and optimism. For instance, yellow, one of the dopamine brights, is often associated with positivity. As we embrace this trend, we find ourselves choosing outfits that reflect and boost our mood, bringing an extra dose of happiness to our day.

However, the concern arises that bright colours, while mood-boosting, can be harmful and environmentally damaging. Indeed the dyeing industry is one of the largest contributors to water pollution globally, with the discharge of toxic chemicals into water bodies and runoff contaminating water sources, disrupting aquatic ecosystems and posing serious risks to marine life. As we embrace this trend, the challenge lies in finding ways to shift our mindset while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. 

Enter FOTU's debut collection, 'Boiling Point,' which serves as a shining example of how brightly coloured garments can coexist with sustainable practices. The collection draws inspiration from the alarming colours seen on heat maps, aiming to spread awareness, spark conversations, and empower the wearers to take action. FOTU understands the power of clothing in conveying messages about who we are and how we feel, and their designs reflect this ethos.

Pictured: Kevin Cho, Soyoung Choi

Research suggests that colour can influence various aspects of our lives, from our mood and emotions to even physical strength (Ellwood.M., 2022). FOTU takes this concept to heart by using waterless processes and recycled fabrics, specifically made from plastics that would otherwise end up polluting our planet. This approach allows FOTU's dopamine brights to be created guilt-free, ensuring that sustainability and consciousness remain at the core of their brand.

The urgency of addressing the environmental impact of fashion is underscored by staggering statistics, such as the UNEP's forecast that 23-37 million tonnes of plastic will enter aquatic ecosystems by 2040, tripling the current rate. This alarming figure underscores the responsibility we have to initiate change and highlights the crucial role transparency plays in the fashion industry.

So, which of FOTU's pieces are perfect for your guilt-free dopamine wardrobe? 

Echoes of Coral Midi Dress

Boiling Point Tank Top


Hypnotic Disarray Print Maxi Dress

Zeal Tank Top

Boiling Point One Sleeve Cropped Top

By choosing FOTU's sustainable and vibrant garments, you not only express yourself through colour but also contribute to the movement for a more eco-conscious and responsible fashion industry. Embracing dopamine dressing can go hand in hand with making a positive impact on our environment and in the way we engage with fashion.

Let's wear our emotions and convictions proudly, one colourful outfit at a time!


Photography creds:
Fashion District 
Emmi Hyyppa


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