Our Story

FOTU was conceptualised by artist Abigail Hodges, motivated by the pressing climate change issues faced by our current society, and the wide and complicated range of emotions these evoke. Building on her background in printmaking and design, Abigail was inspired to create wearable art - original pieces based on emotional responses to climate change, printed onto sustainable fabric used to create stylish and functional pieces. 

The clothes themselves are inspired by London’s underground music and nightlife scene. Simple designs which flatter all bodies and prioritise comfort and movement. 



Boiling Point

The first print series ‘Boiling Point’ was created at a breaking point of frustration during the UK heatwaves in 2022. Exploring the intersection of mental health and climate change,  Abigail created actionable artwork that inspires positive climate solutions and addresses the unique impact on people with neuro-diversity. The work draws from the images of heat maps depicting changing global climates. Instead, these are mental maps, with vibrant colours representing the amalgamation of intense emotions.