Art & Wellness Creative Workshops



With Print Designer Abigail Hodges learn sustainable design practice and make your own climate related print!
This sustainably-led workshop will offer the opportunity of learning more about sustainable textile printing, how it can be done at home, and encourage attendees to create patterns for personal projects and screen printing that surround the themes of climate change and their feelings towards it.
The workshop addresses underlying eco-anxiety and encourages the participants to interpret, express and communicate these feelings in unique ways. Turning negative emotions into positive action and learning about ways to manage and address such anxieties.
Expect a playful workshop which will let you explore the possible benefits of creativity and craft in gaining a deeper understanding of attitude and emotion surrounding changing climates. Looking at art as a call-to-action, the finished pieces may seem oddly beautiful on the surface, but they function as objects to help us reflect on and question our actions and impact on the planet.
Finally, Abigail will start to create a draft of a final print, which is made with all of the designs of the attendees. After the workshop, this will be made into a final textile version, printed sustainably onto recycled & repurposed fabrics, and mailed to the office for display of the collective work of the group and conversations had with the attendees about their work, thoughts, and visual constructions. The participants will also be emailed a copy to be able to keep as a digital piece of artwork.


Tools: All materials will be provided. All recycled and sustainably sourced.

Method: The workshop will take a closer look at self-expression through art in the form of painting, drawing, journaling, and mindfulness. The focus will be on the process, but the participants will also be able to take away a finished product.

Neuro-diversity Inclusion: Abigail herself has dyspraxia and dyslexia and applies her own experience to help those who are particularly vulnerable to the increased psychological strain that changing climates poses to those with neurovariance. The workshop has the ability to address the specific impact that climate change has on those with neuro-diversity and Abigail has experience working with people who suffer with overwhelm, burnout and fatigue, having worked with organisations such as Mind and The Dyspraxia Foundation.