Missed out on the FOTU launch party?

Missed out on the FOTU launch party?

Don't worry, we've got you covered with all the exciting highlights:

FOTU's groundbreaking debut collection, titled 'Boiling Point,' responded to the rising tide of climate fear by creating captivating sensory experiences through large-scale abstract textile prints. Founder Abigail Hodges not only addressed the emotional impact of climate change but also prioritised sustainability at every stage of the design process, incorporating innovative technology and sustainable materials.

 “Instead of being frozen by fear, I want to find a way to utilise difficult feelings and challenging processing capabilities in order to inspire action.” - Abigail Hodges

The lead-up to the launch event was a crucial time for FOTU, as various elements needed to seamlessly come together to showcase the collection's inspiring concepts. Working closely with the immensely talented set designer Mungo (@madebymungoh), FOTU created a visually stunning hyper-natural installation, incorporating dynamic bio-projections, engaging staging, and vibrant mood lighting. Mungo brought the artwork prints to life, animating them and projecting them onto hanging fabric panels surrounding the central DJ deck stage. Above the decks, a forest chandelier made of debris and vines added an otherworldly touch to the atmosphere.
Music and art played integral roles in the brand's identity, and the launch party was no exception. DJ performances, including Drum Bus, Michael Diamond, and Collective Hysteria, took centre stage, using FOTU's sustainable art pieces as performance wear. The music created a dynamic soundscape, allowing attendees to momentarily escape reality and connect with a new part of themselves.
Collaborations with other artists were essential in uniting the seemingly paradoxical concepts at play. Fine artist Suzy Vanezis showcased FOTU's ephemeral and psychedelic side through imaginative figurative landscapes in gorgeous pastel tones. In contrast, Olivia Kusio's projection installation delved into the brand's darker undertones, engaging with personal experiences and the emotional complexities of environmental research.
The launch also unveiled the 'WELCOME TO THE FOTUVERSE' photography campaign through a curated series of seven A1 prints, capturing the artistic and musical influences of underground rave culture that inspire FOTU's designs. The shoot took place at the BRICKS studio prior to the launch, and this was styled and photographed by the wonderful Darcy Joao who masterfully conjured a fusion of rebellious elegance and ecological awakening, igniting a visually explosive statement on the interplay between fashion, nature, and the urgent need for climate adjustment.

 ‘I believe this came across in the paradoxical beauty in the final product. The ill-placed harmony of distress and beauty was something I wanted to bring to the shoot’ - Abigail Hodges

Models seamlessly integrated into the event, mingling with guests and fully immersing themselves in the hallucinatory performances. The vibrant energy culminated in a mesmerising moment as models and guests collided under glowing lights, creating an unforgettable photographic experience.
FOTU aimed to create a universe that continues to expand, fostering difficult conversations, engaging with subversive underground cultures, and crafting unique, eco-conscious pieces that empower wearers. As a keepsake from the event, attendees received hand-printed totes, zines, and posters, reflecting the brand's artistic connections and values, while also fostering a sense of community.
The FOTU team is still actively working on future printed outcomes, so keep your eyes peeled for more exciting creations!
Written and Edited by
Clara Fitzgerald, Louise Sandgap and Bryher Watkins
Photographs by Emmanelle Hagopian and Darcy Sanchez-Nota Joao



Shoot: Hair by: Afia Kash Photographed and styled by: Darcy Sanchez-Nota Joao Make Up by: Omar Onasis (@m_our_y) Coordinated by: Hannah Skelly Set Design: Mungo. (@Madebymungoh)  Models: Ksenia Dugaeva, Claudia French, Severine Cooke, Afia Kash, Kitsu Egerton, Soyoung Choi, Anastasia Rigaud (SmallCrab), Katharina Schulenburg, Katie Farquhar, Mack Willett, Maeva de Bordons, Suvessha Iyanathan, Mack Willett, Una Yates, Eleanor, Christopher Ciraolo DJS  Drum Bus - consisting of Heavy Skin, Orion and Cable Michael Diamond Collective Hysteria - consisting of Devon Armstrong and Robin Timmis


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