Introducing the "Boiling Point" Collection - FOTU's Inaugural Limited Edition Release

Embark on a journey of emotion, art, and sustainability with our first-ever collection, "Boiling Point" by FOTU. Born out of artist Abigail Hodges' frustration and a deep connection to the pressing climate crisis, this collection is a symbolic expression of resilience and hope.

The "Boiling Point" print collection originated during the scorching heatwaves of 2022 when the overwhelming realities of climate change left the artist immobilised. To transform these emotions into a positive outlet, a series of painted and manipulated prints emerged, acting as emotional maps and highlighting regions in Europe experiencing intense heat.

What makes this collection truly special is its collaborative nature. FOTU hosted workshops where participants channeled their climate anxieties into artistic creations. The subsequent prints in the collection are a testament to the power of collective action and open communication in the face of global issues.

Ensuring sustainability at every step, we source recycled powermesh from local suppliers in London, crafted from recycled plastic bottles. Our commitment extends to innovative waterless sublimation printing, minimising environmental impact. The entire design process is digitalised, reducing waste generation.

In the spirit of circularity, each garment is handcrafted using recycled sewing thread, with offcuts utilised for bespoke patchwork pieces. The commitment to local production minimises our carbon footprint. Collaborations with loaning companies, like LOANHOOD, promote a shift in attitudes towards event wear, encouraging pieces to be worn multiple times.

It's a reflection of personal convictions and a community's shared commitment to sustainability. Join us in transforming frustration into positive action, and let each piece be a wearable symbol of resilience, hope, and environmental responsibility.

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